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"Heard it from my living room": Sensation again booms bass into residences near Barclays Center (but will there be a fine?)

The Sensation crowd gathers
It happened a year ago, and it happened again this past Saturday: bass noise from the Sensation dance party penetrated residences several blocks away, after midnight, when people should be sleeping.

As with the 2012 show, it's likely the Barclays Center will escape without a fine. Last year, the levels measured seemed twice as loud as permitted, but the proposed violation was dismissed for technical reasons. (Later, the arena paid a $3200 fine for another dance show, featuring Swedish House Mafia.)

Similarly, this past Saturday, the city Department of Environmental Protection measured noise levels, I'm told, near the beginning of the show, but didn't stick around to measure as the pounding bass grew louder. Though I can't be sure, that suggests they missed the bigger problem, and won't issue a fine.

The reports
Security check outside

Consider this report from Atlantic Yards Watch, Bass sound leakage from Sensation concert
Submitted by ParkSloper on October 27, 2013 - 7:52am
Location: St Mark's Avenue between 5th and 6th
When: October 27, 2013 - 1:00am
311: yes
Disturbed by distinctive bass sound thumping at 1AM inside bedroom with closed windows several blocks away. Reported to 311 but unable to track number.

Or on Twitter: "Heard it from my living room."
I'm told about seven or eight other people registered complaints, with many from the Newswalk residence on Pacific Street near the arena.

There's clearly a tension between the arena's desire for revenue-producing events and the limits of the building design. That tension so far is almost completely unmediated by any regulators. It will be mediated by the construction of a residential building adjacent to the arena.