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Nearly ten years later, the tantalizing promise of residential permit parking near Atlantic Yards arena

The issue of residential permit parking has been on the Atlantic Yards agenda for nearly ten years, and though the New York City Department of Transportation last month issued a report suggesting there are street parking spaces available near the Barclays Center during an event, residents remain skeptical.

On 3/4/04, Forest City Ratner's then Atlantic Yards point man, Jim Stuckey, ventured to a public meeting at a Park Slope elementary school, sponsored by the Park Slope Civic Council.

"What promise would you make to residents near Flatbush who have no parking now," Stuckey was asked, "and will you have parking permits available for residents?"

(Video via producers of Battle for Brooklyn documentary)

"We have been working with the city, and have in fact had extensive discussion with them. Obviously, it’s the city that ultimately has to make this decision," Stuckey replied in his smooth manner. "They are in fact thinking of doing a pilot program for permit parking and see this area as a great area to start that pilot program. it’s not definite yet, but it’s something we could be working with them on, it's subject to the EIS [environmental impact study]."

For now, the city is in fact not thinking of such a pilot program. And even if it does, the state legislature would have to approve it, and at least one powerful local Senator, Bay Ridge Republican Marty Golden, opposes it.