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In the Brooklyn Paper, a curious Barclays lead story, and an ad for a health fair this Saturday on arena plaza

Would you believe that the lead story in the latest issue [PDF] of the Brooklyn Paper concerns the prospective use of valet parking at the Barclays Center?

The newspaper closed before the concert last Wednesday, so it's understandable the story wasn't updated. But that's why it shouldn't be the lead.

(By the way, after reporting way too low and then somewhat too high figures on the number of bikes valet parked in the 400-space late, I got the definitive number: 85.)

On relationships

Could the placement possibly have anything to do with regular ads from the arena in the Brooklyn Paper and its sibling Courier-Life chain?

I can't prove that, of course, but business relationships can seem to correlate with favorable coverage. It just so happens that the most enthusiastic coverage of the arena among the dailies occurs in the New York Daily News, which sponsors the arena plaza.

Has the Brooklyn Paper written about, say, the $3200 fine the arena had to pay for bass leaking into area residences? Nope.

A health fair this Saturday

There a big ad in the Brooklyn Paper for The Brooklyn Hospital Center Community Health Fair this coming Saturday, another sign that arena operators are starting to use the plaza for public events. (Last weekend there were food trucks.)

We should remember that the only reason there's a plaza is that the planned 50-story office building, housing a good chunk of the promised Atlantic Yards jobs, remains unbuilt.