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A video shows the Barclays Center transforming from concert venue to basketball arena (and what about the worker protest?)

It's pretty darn cool, isn't it, the new video from Wired's Engineering Series The Window: Barclays Center - From Concert Venue to Basketball Arena. The blurb:
Go behind the scenes at one of America's most technologically advanced arenas, as an overnight conversion crew transforms Barclays Center from a sold-out concert venue to a basketball stadium for the Brooklyn Nets in only eight hours.
Note that the soundtrack obscures all but incidental statements from the conversion crew, and thus any chance for the producers to acknowledge that many workers are protesting what they call sub-standard pay: $14/hour, with no benefits, while some (though hardly all) Madison Square Garden counterparts earn much more.


  1. The NYCDC (The Carpenters Union in NYC) stand with the Conversion Crew/Event Carpenters at the Barclays Center in their fight for better wages and better representation. See video here >>>


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