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The Brooklynettes get a big spread in the Daily News, as arena-related promotion sucks up attention

In a recent conversation I had with a guy from a city where an arena's being built, I was asked how things changed in the public discourse before and after construction.

Before construction, I said, there was some press interest in the counter-narrative, critical questions of fairness and oversight.

After construction, I warned, there was more than enough going on at the arena--sports, concerts, new promotions--to suck up much of the press attention.

(Consider: who knew that food trucks and valet parking for bikes would get so much play?)

The Daily News comes up big

And it sure helps when one major media outlet, the New York Daily News, is entangled for business reasons, serving as sponsor of the Barclays Center plaza.

Indeed, thanks to this tweeted photo from the Brooklyn Nets' Petra Pope, we can see that the Daily News published a two-page spread with a photo of the new Brooklynettes cheerleaders.

Online, the Daily News posted a gallery of photos from the open auditions. (Has the Daily News covered the $3200 fine the Barclays Center got for excessive noise? Nope. Forest City Ratner's cheap or free land? Nope.)

Other media outlets joining in were NetsDaily and Fox 5.

The Brooklyn Paper sent a reporter to try out and, predictably, not make it. But that story made the newspaper's packed front page, as did one about the team's new coach, ex-Net star (and, most recently, Knick) Jason Kidd.

And just in case you forgot, there was a big ad featuring Kidd inside the newspaper. Note that, if season tickets start at $40/seat, they're not (yet?) making available the $25 tickets that are the new cheapest level (after one year at $15).

For an interesting take on Kidd, consider Jason Gay in the Wall Street Journal, writing 6/13/13:
The Nets can sometimes seem like a surreal franchise. This is a team whose owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, delivered his own remarks in support of Jason Kidd while announcing he did not intend to run for mayor of Moscow. The most important public face in the team's rebranding, the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z, is reportedly pulling away to focus on his nascent sports-agency business. The Nets are on their third head coach in a calendar year, clunked out of the playoffs, and yet…there's still a sense that this is the beginning. The jerseys remain cool. The sandwiches are good. But that can't be enough. Now here's Jason Kidd—said to be ready, as always, to handle the basketball.