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AY Watch: Concert noise from Bruno Mars penetrates neighborhood; sunny news on concert and team from the Daily News

Apparently the Barclays Center still hasn't solved the problem of concert noise penetrating the neighborhood, source of a $3200 fine and enduring complaints.

Atlantic Yards Watch cites a 311 complaint regarding the Bruno Mars concert last night and adds:
Also received 3 calls:
1) area 6th & Dean St, "we have no air conditioning so we have to keep our windows open and the music is so loud"
2) area 4th Ave & Dean, "please have them stop"
3) area mid-block Dean, "LOUD MUSIC AGAIN?
Meanwhile, the news from the New York Daily News, sponsor of the Barclays Center plaza, continues to be sunny.

Consider a review of last night's Bruno Mars show, Bruno’s shining ’70s show just Mars-velous during NYC stop. (Of course no one noticed, as posted on Atlantic Yards Watch, that pesky tour bus idling for more than two hours. Or the noise problem)

And the Nets

Then there was the two-byline article yesterday, Brooklyn fans buzzing about newest Nets: Fans outside Barclays Center were excited about the NBA trade that brings Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry from the Boston Celtics to the Brooklyn Nets. Four people were interviewed; three used words like "exciting" and "explosive," while one criticized adding "old men."