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Arena construction monitor: final completion date extended to June 30, facade issues seemingly resolved

Arena Site Observation Reports from Merritt & Harris, the construction monitor for the arena bond trustee, have long been a bit fuzzy.

Yesterday marked the release of not one but two reports, dated 5/6/13 and 5/31/13 but based on conference calls and data collection before then.

In fact, despite the graphic indication at right, reports are now called Desktop Review Reports, indicating that they rely strictly on document review, rather than a site visit.

Final completion date extended

One unsurprising but still notable change is the extension of the final completion date to finish the last small pieces of work. That date has changed several times, going both back and forward.

Note that the penultimate report, posted 3/21/13, promised a final completion date of 2/28/13:

The most recent report promises a final completion date of 6/30/13:

Resolution of deficiency items

The new report indicates that facade issues have been resolved or, at least, such resolution has been presented to the Department of Buildings:
Resolved: Israel Berger & Associates TR-1 sign-off for wall panels, curtain walls, and veneers with regard to the building envelope, specifically to the curtain wall installation has been submitted to the Department of Buildings for approval.
We have reviewed all test reports that were made available to us. Since some reports may be missing
from the on-site files, our office is also relying on the Deficiency Logs and Monthly Certification from the Professionals of Record to certify that the work in place is in accordance with the construction documents.
Construction progress chart: arena

Note the contrasts with the chart from the previous report, notably the spread between actual and projected spending in July and August 2012. (Here's a link to previous reports/charts.)

From report dated 5/31/13

From report dated 3/8/13
Construction progress chart: transit connection

Note the contrasts with the chart from the previous report, notably how the latest chart extends to May 2013 while the previous one ended at December 2012.

From report dated 5/31/13
From report dated 3/8/13