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At Barclays Center, a food truck rally offers another opportunity to sell Brooklyn Nets gear

Do not sell those Barclays Center/Brooklyn Nets operators short. They advertised a food truck rally yesterday, and they delivered, with food trucks/carts operating from the lay-by lanes on Flatbush and Atlantic avenues--public streets widened/modified for the purposes of arena operators.

On the plaza were chairs, a Starbucks kiosk, and, naturally, a stand selling Brooklyn Nets gear. They didn't mention the latter in the pre-event publicity, but why pass up the opportunity.
Vine video via Barclays Center Community Affairs Manager Terence Kelly--note the Nets shop at the very beginning.

According to my own and others' observations, it was busy at lunch time, slower later. Visitors really sought the shade, so future events will do better if they supply umbrellas for shade.