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Some art screening for the broadcast parking lot right next to residences (but no rendering of the trucks that will occupy it)

Looking northwest from the NE corner of Dean St. and Sixth Ave.
courtesy of ArtBridge
Empire State Development has posted renderings (thanks to ArtBridge) of "public art screening" for the lot at the northeast corner of Dean Street and Sixth Avenues that will house broadcast trucks covering events at the arena across Sixth Avenue.

The aim is to make the perimeter more aesthetically pleasant, and it certainly improves an empty lot, but those trucks are going to stick out a lot more. I doubt many such broadcast support lots serving other arenas are flush against row houses. The three adjacent houses are privately owned, though subject to eminent domain as the project moves forward.

The two lots flush against Dean Street, in the rendering above and at the bottom right of the rendering below, were occupied by houses that Forest City Ratner demolished in 2008. The rest of the property was an empty lot.

Looking east from the NE corner of Dean St. and Sixth Ave., courtesy of ArtBridge
The backstory

Lots 1, 2, and 89--the empty lot and the westernmost house--were sold in March 1985 for $57,500. In July 2006, in a deal that didn't close until October, the seller sold the first two lots to Forest City Ratner for $2.040,000.

Oddly, for a while those lots were being marketed for $2.25 million, under the premise they were outside the footprint.

Blocks1128Lot1289_1985 Block1128Lots12_2007