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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Atlantic Yards Construction Alert: the oculus and the Haier Store become more visible

There's some interesting stuff in the latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 7/30/12 (and embedded below) and released yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner.

Not only will the oculus become ever more visible, so too will be the Haier Store at the east end of the arena, at the extension of Pacific Street. I've written separately about "roof sponsorship signage."

Below I've bolded changes from the previous alert.

Facade installation
• The installation of the entry canopy oculus façade panels is projected to start this reporting period. This installation will be performed on a second and partial third shift timetable, with the Work scheduled from 3 pm to 3 am.
• The installation of the Haier Store (east retail zone) façade panels is projected to start this reporting period. This installation will be performed on a second and partial third shift timetable, with the Work scheduled from 3 pm to 3 am.
Waterproofing & Fireproofing
• The waterproofing of the interior walls of the east and west stormwater retention tanks has been completed. The preparation for the testing of the tanks has begun. The testing is projected to start with the equalizer line this reporting period. The testing was delayed from the last period due to damage to the equalizer line. The damage has been repaired at the pipe and the tank entry and the testing program will continue in the field this reporting period. The reporting and documentation for the testing is under A/E and consultant review. The testing of the equalizer line will continue this reporting period, following the repair of a leak that the previous testing revealed.
• The preparation for the installation of the roof sponsorship signage will begin this reporting period.
Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing
• The chiller plant and the primary bowl air handling units (AHU’s) are projected to be fully operational this reporting period and arena cooling under full volume should be in place by the end of the reporting period
Interior Build-Out
The placement of the terrazzo flooring (shot blasting/scouring of the slab on metal deck) at the Main and Upper Concourse will continue this reporting period. The finish grind and polishing of the terrazzo at the Main Concourse will begin this reporting period. 
The installation of the arena blackout curtains and the high ceiling landary (noise dampening) curtains will commence this reporting period.  
Subway Entrance
Transit Canopy • Green roof is complete and fascia waterproofing will be underway. Fascia panels will then commence installation. 
• Tile work is underway. The steel stair nosings and stair tile work at the main entrance stair will be coming to completion. Ceiling panel installation will continue.  
Track Outages (General Orders) 
• IRT and BMT Tunnel inspections have taken place and the tunnel repair work is now substantially complete in both the IRT and BMT tunnels. Minor repair and cleanup work will occur on selective evenings under scheduled NYCT flagging protection. Platform signage will also continue during these flagging operations. 
Carlton Avenue Bridge
• Erection of bridge steel for spans 1 and 2 has been completed. Bolt –up and other activities associated with the steel work are ongoing in spans 1 and 2. Erection and bolt-up of bridge steel for spans 3 and 4 has begun and will be ongoing through the next reporting periods. 
• CAB underground utility work has begun and will be ongoing through the next reporting period at both the north and south end of the CAB. The MPT will remain in place until after all underground utilities and final asphalt approach work is completed. 
Post Cutover 
• The LIRR has begun operations in the north yard. Contractor forces are continuing work to finish various portions of the yard work that were not fully completed prior to the cutover. These include “Punchlist” items like the final coat of paving, installation of a few remaining lighting poles and fixtures and some other non-critical items. This will take another 3 to 5 weeks to complete.
Block 1129 Parking Lot
• Installation of the stormwater detention system will be completed during this reporting period.
• Interior curb work is approximately 50% complete and will continue during this reporting period.
• Site electrical work, including underground conduits, pull boxes and light pole installation, will commence during this reporting period.
• Installation of the permanent fencing will begin during this period.
Arena site work
• The curb installation work, sidewalk and street light installation work is now substantially complete on Flatbush Avenue from Dean Street up to Atlantic Avenue. Sidewalk along Flatbush is now substantially complete up to the tip.
Bollard and curb installation work along 6th Avenue and Dean Street is substantially completed. Excavation and grading of the B3 plaza has now been completed. Footings for the light pole bases are now complete.
• The construction of the site benches at the tip of the site is complete Electrical distribution work for the benches is also substantially complete. Planting mix has now been placed in the planters and the sedum has now been planted. 
Dean Street Playground Comfort Station
The contractor mobilized on June 11th. Excavation and foundations are essentially complete. During this reporting period, the contractor will continue with underground conduit and piping and begin masonry work. The work is scheduled to be complete this fall. 
Atlantic Yards Construction Alert 7-30-2012