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Mosley launches Assembly campaign, offers mealymouthed vagueness on Atlantic Yards

Thanks to the Observer's Colin Campbell, who posted Walter Mosley Hopes to Replicate Hakeem Jeffries’ Magic yesterday with video, we have the 57th Assembly District candidate (and current male District Leader), friend and presumed heir of the House of Representatives-bound Jeffries, talking about Atlantic Yards.

Campbell, like a lot of journalists not quite familiar with Atlantic Yards, got it wrong, writing:
And on the most charged and controversial issue in the district, the construction of Atlantic Yards, Mr. Mosley took a middle-of-the-road position of acknowledging his support but demanding more action on the chief complaints of the project’s opponents.
Actually, the chief complaints of the project's opponents are that it's a rigged process (see, um, Battle for Brooklyn) with a government willing to give the developer a pass (see the latest Atlantic Yards Watch report).

They've also turned into watchdogs regarding the project's failure to deliver promised jobs and housing because those who were supposed to keep watch, the Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) partners and political supporters like Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, are silent or mealymouthed.

The question

"Where do you stand on Atlantic Yards?" asked the inimitable Stephen Witt, formerly of the Courier-Life chain and now of Our Time Press.

“Y'know, I supported the Atlantic Yards arena from--at the beginning, but obviously, promises have been broken, with regards to affordable housing going forward, with regards to the full-time jobs that were going to be there, in the residential towers," Mosley replied.

Except the residential towers were not supposed to be the source of jobs beyond a handful of maintenance/support positions. There were supposed to be office towers.

"We’re going to hold them to the task," Mosley said, without mentioning any steps, such as calling for the long-past-due Independent Compliance Monitor for the CBA.

"Obviously, know, the the stadium is here. But we can't continue to carp on the past," he said. "We have to continue to move forward and hold them true to their word, as it relates to affordable housing for our growing families. Decent affordable housing for those that wish to make Brooklyn their home, while at the same making sure that the full-time jobs are going to be available to our residents right here in the 57th Assembly District."

Mosley, however, has sat out the opportunity to comment on plans for the first tower in the project, which does not do much for "our growing families.

We'll see if Olanike Labai or Martine Guerrier, Mosley's rivals in the Sept. 13 Democratic primary, have anything more to say.

More from Mosley

His press release:
Walter is running with a progressive agenda. He has vowed to address the need for more affordable housing, improved neighborhood healthcare, better quality schools for our children, and more job opportunities.
"In Albany, I will be a champion for our working families and will fight to make sure that all of the concerns of the district are heard."