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Friday, 10 pm: overnight testing of new subway entrance's fire standpipe system

If you see a fire truck on Flatbush Avenue opposite the arena on Friday night beginning at 10 pm, well, now you know what it's there for.

From the Empire State Development Corporation (after preparation by Forest City Ratner), a Supplementary Alert to the bi-weekly Construction Alert:
Friday July 13, 2012, during the hours 10:00 pm and 6:00 am [Saturday] the New York City Fire Department will be testing our fire standpipe system servicing the newly construction [sic] subway entrance. This will involve first testing the system with air and then with water. The FDNY will then fill the system with water from their trucks. The testing will be conducted from two sides of the site, along Flatbush Avenue and Atlantic Avenue. The truck along Flatbush Avenue will be located on the west side across the street from the Arena and positioned on the sidewalk closest to the connection; it will not impede pedestrian flow. The one along the Atlantic Avenue side will be within the fence. It is not anticipated to be noisy work and is part of the standard sign off of the standpipe system.