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Consultant's monthly report: arena "slightly ahead of schedule" (not quite), Transit Connection behind (but not a problem); 550 workers (plus those at railyard)

The latest Site Observation Report, issued yesterday by Merritt & Harris, the consultant that reports to the arena bond trustee, Empire State Development Corporation, and Forest City Ratner, declares "the Arena is slightly ahead of schedule, while the Transit Connection is currently 4 months behind its original schedule."

Of course, as the charts indicate, the arena is "slightly ahead of schedule" because they tweaked the schedule earlier this year.

The report, while issued yesterday is dated 7/9/12 and based on a 5/23/12 visit and documents dated 6/22/12.


The report states, "According to the General Contractor and the Manpower Log, 550 persons have been on the job for the Arena and 48 persons for the Transit Connection this month." That's an increase from 490 and 48 in the previous report and is "attributed to the roofing, carpentry, and finish trades."

On 6/28/12, Patch quoted Forest City Ratner as having 1,079 employees on site, a number I couldn't get verified as full-time equivalent. 

Even with a large crew at the railyard, which is not covered in the Merritt & Harris report (which examined documents dated less than a week before the Patch article), the total seems very doubtful.

Arena construction progress chart

Here's the latest construction progress chart, which maps actual spending (open circles) versus projected spending (closed circles).

July 2012 report

The chart from last month

June 2012 report

The chart from January 2012

January 2012
Transit Connection

The report states:
The latest Schedule for the Transit Connection, prepared by John Civetta & Sons, Inc., dated April 20, 2012, indicates mobilization of the Project began on August 2, 2010, with completion scheduled for July 14, 2012. We feel that a mid-August completion date is more realistic.
That would be wise, as the document, dated 7/9/12, was released yesterday, after the scheduled completion date.

The report states:
The original construction term of 20 months (August 2, 2010 - April 2, 2012) was reasonable, but due to early delays had slipped by approximately 4½ months. Note that the Transit Connection is scheduled to open in conjunction with the Arena; therefore, the slippage will have no impact on the overall project schedule.
As I've written, that doesn't compute: the early delays had no significant impact, because the transit connection was well ahead of schedule for many months.

Transit Connection construction progress chart

Note that the chart now stretches to September, rather than, as in previous reports, to July.

July 2012 report

Last month's chart
June 2012 report
January 2012 chart

January 2012 report

Some photos from the report