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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting tomorrow: "Day Two" task force; DOT parking study; updates on jobs, construction, operations, first tower

Y'know those bi-monthly Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meetings, where Forest City Ratner shares updates with involved agencies, and provokes few questions beyond (usually) Council Member Letitia James? The ones where video and photographer are banned tas?

The next one is 9:30 tomorrow at Borough Hall, and Borough President Marty Markowitz's office, for the first time, decided to share the agenda with the press. I've interpolated commentary in italics.

1. AY “Day Two” Task Force: Lolita Jackson, Mayor’s Office CAU
This sounds like a task force to respond to opening conditions.

2. Parking Conditions Study: DOT
This is likely the long-awaited study of whether residential permit parking might be feasible.

3. Project Updates: FCRC
  • a. Jobs (presumably arena jobs
  • b. Construction 
  • § Arena (will the arena be done by the first week in September?
  • § Carlton Ave Bridge (will the bridge be open when the arena opens? are there contingency plans?
  • § Block 1129 (what are the plans for parking operations?
  • c. Arena Operations (what are plans for security and sanitation? when's the State Liquor Authority meeting on the liquor license?
  • d. B2 (when will construction of first tower start? how would it impact arena operations?