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Yonkers trial update: Annabi's claim she might be framed; a failure to review documents; another no-show job for Jereis

I didn't make it to the Yonkers corruption trial yesterday, so I'll point readers to the Journal News, which covered:
  • an FBI agent's testimony that ex-Yonkers Council Member Sandy Annabi suggested that her mortgage file may have contained false documents planted to frame her
  • that Annabi didn't review mortgage documents in which her income was falsely inflated, thus making it easier to get loan
  • the FBI's agents hesitation and lack of memory when asked if Annabi was asked to wear a wire and help in a larger corruption investigation
  • the history of fellow defendant Zehy Jereis, the politicowho offered Forest City Ratner access to Annabi and got a no-show job, having gotten a similar job at the Yonkers Chamber of Commerce, in that case thanks to local powerbroker Sen. Nick Spano.
The trial resumes Monday.