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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

Late-night noise complaints (from Atlantic Yards Watch) and arena sal(i)vation (from the Post Sports page) regarding college hoops

If you read Atlantic Yards Watch, life isn't so lovely near the Atlantic Yards construction site. One neighbor on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues recently reported "Heavy pounding every ten seconds or so that shook our bed." That was at 3:30 am.

Another, in the same area, reported "incessant hammering" at 10:45 pm: "Young children are woken from their sleep, or cannot get to sleep because of all the noise!"

Another filmed, a dump truck blocking northbound traffic on Sixth Avenue and endangering those northbound drivers and bicyclists who must veer into the southbound lane.

The Barclays Center and college hoops

No matter. There's no section of the newspaper devoted to neighborhood quality of life, but there is one devoted to sports--or, as Bettina Damiani of Good Jobs New York aptly told Congress, "sports entertainment corporations":
Although sports entertainment corporations have an entire section of every day’s newspaper devoted to them, the Yankees and the Mets are, we must always remember, privately owned entertainment corporations. It’s discouraging that officials are confusing teams with public goods like parks, water and transit that are essential to the city’s public health and economic vitality.
Now college sports are not formally "sports entertainment corporations," but when you add in the sponsorship and endorsement deals for big-time programs, and the astronomical salaries for coaches, they pretty much qualify. Take Lenn Robbins' breathless New York Post column today, Brooklyn's Barclays Center set to become hoops heaven:
Later this year, the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, a stunning basketball cathedral, will open. The Barclays Center isn’t trying to kid anyone — the Garden is the Garden — but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for another elite hoops address, another court where kids, especially those in the greatest borough, the County of Kings, can dream about making that highlight basket or buzzer-beater.

...Barclays already announced Kentucky, which could be the reigning national champion, will play Maryland in the inaugural Barclays Center Classic on Nov. 9. LIU-Brooklyn and Morehead State will be the second game of a national/local doubleheader [Nets/arena CEO Brett] Yormark said is the flavor he wants to serve on a consistent basis.
Then Robbins, who otherwise has a one-source column, quotes a secret source:
The Atlantic 10 Conference, of which Fordham is a member, has announced it will move its league tournament to Barclays next year. LIU, said a source who requested anonymity because he isn’t authorized to discuss the matter, will play at least four home games per season in Barclays.
The same source told The Post that Michigan and West Virginia, a matchup teeming with subplots (primarily involving Wolverines coach John Beilein, who left the Mountaineers in 2007 to coach at Ann Arbor, just as football coach Rich Rodriguez did a year later), have agreed to face each other on Dec. 15 in the inaugural Brooklyn Hoops Winter Hoops Festival. Fordham will take on Princeton in the local game.
...The college players certainly are going to get that treatment. A source said the Barclays Center has signed an agreement with New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge to accommodate visiting schools.
(Emphases added)

I'd bet a very large amount of money that the source was none other than Yormark himself, earning points with a compliant columnist while not formally violating an agreement to let the principals announce their good news on their own.