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From Atlantic Yards Watch: construction accident knocks down light at Carlton Avenue and Pacific Street near work removing facade panel. Updated: it was a non-AY truck

Scroll down for the complications revealed episodically.

Here's the video, but much more description of the video at Atlantic Yards Watch.

Note that, while an electrician working for the city, according to AY Watch, "confirmed construction was the cause," a Forest City Ratner rep says it was a truck from P.C. Richard.

Updated 8:15 am March 26. Forest City Ratner spokesman Joe DePlasco states:
On Saturday March 24, 2012 at around 7:35am, the Pacific St/Carlton Ave Traffic Light was discovered on the street. It was confirmed by the security guard that a PC Richards Truck making a turn from Carlton Ave onto Pacific St was the culprit. 311 and 911 were notified.

At approximately 8:15 AM on Sunday March 25, Daidone Electric arrived at Carlton and pacific to begin repairs of the knocked over traffic light. By 10:15 AM, the traffic light was up and running.
If the vehicle was destined for P.C. Richard, on Pacific Street a few blocks west, I suspect this wasn't the regular route.

The turning radius on residential Carlton Avenue is surely less than on more commercial Vanderbilt Avenue, one block to the east. But Pacific Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt has been turned into a private street, used by Forest City Ratner contractors as a staging area.

Updated 2:30 pm March 26. AY Watch adds some complications:
UPDATE MARCH 26TH: FCRC spokesman Joe DePlasco has told Atlantic Yards Report the security guard at the Pacific Avenue gate confirms a PC Richards truck was the "culprit" that knocked over the traffic light. 311 and 911 were notified. Daidone Electric arrived at the scene at 8:15 AM to work on the light. The traffic light was up and running by 10:15 AM.

However, while earlier 911 and 311 calls may have been made by the security guard or construction personnel and Daidone Electric may have been there earlier, when a resident arrived at 9:20 AM Daidone Electric was not there and no personnel were assisting the public in relation to the blocked intersection. The resident called 911 at that time. Emergency personnel arrived around 25 minutes later. While operable now, the light was not up and running at 10:15. It was not repaired until sometime afterward.

According to the PC Richards location nearby, the truck was not theirs. AYW has also placed a call to the regional PC Richards distribution center to see if a truck associated with it knocked over the light. The information will be useful as a step towards identifying what manuever the truck was attempting to execute that knocked over the light. The goal is to have a functional and safe intersection that meets the demands the intersection must bear.

Pacific Street at the Carlton Avenue intersection is pinched by construction fencing, making it difficult if not impossible for many trucks to manuever in the vicinity of the intersection. It is the temporary lack of room to manuever at that location because of the construction fencing that is the root cause of the regular accidents with the traffic light.