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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park infographics: what's built/what's coming/what's missing, who's responsible, + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: new rail track, progress on Carlton Avenue Bridge, delay in traffic mitigation work, creation of surface parking lot to start May 1 (though no plans announced)

Below are some excerpts from the latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 3/26/12 (and embedded below), and released yesterday by Empire State Development after preparation by Forest City Ratner.

The highlights include:
  • installation of new rail road track in the west end of Block 1120
  • progress on the North Abutment of the Carlton Avenue Bridge
  • removal of an access ramp to the arena
  • work on the remaining traffic mitigation work will begin in late April, not merely April
  • work on the surface parking lot should begin May 1, though no plans have been announced
  • streets lights and curbs are being installed on Flatbush Avenue
Below, I've bolded the notable changes from the previous alert.

Arena Site/Deliveries & Site Access
• Hunt has demobilized the access ramp at Dean Street and Flatbush Avenue. The main gate and delivery ramp is now and will remain for the future at Pacific Street and 6th Avenue. The access route to the Pacific gate remains posted at the site and is the same as it has been throughout the project. Access is also available via the Atlantic Avenue gates at the Fort Greene intersection, midway between the Ft. Greene and 6th Avenue intersection and limited access for concrete trucks on Flatbush Avenue across from 5th Avenue and at the Dean Street intersection. The removal of the Pacific Street [sic; probably Dean Street] ramp, from the bottom to the top, is projected to begin during this reporting period. The removal is anticipated to occur over several reporting periods.
Revisions to the perimeter construction fence are projected to begin this reporting period, in order to allow the site construction activity to ramp up. Adjustments will be made to the portion of the fence along Dean Street & 6th Avenue and Dean Street & Flatbush Avenue. Changes will not be made until permit approval has been secured.
Steel erection and stadia installation
Primary (truss) roof steel erection has been completed. Secondary roof framing will be completed during this reporting period. Preparation to erect the main entry canopy steel is expected to begin this reporting period. The erection of the canopy steel framing will start during this reporting period.
Façade Installation
• The installation of curtain wall and curtain wall/lattice panels will continue on the Flatbush Avenue elevation as needed, and then following the canopy steel erection. In the interest of public safety, and as approved by the New York City Building Department, pedestrians using the east side sidewalk of Flatbush Avenue next to the arena may be temporarily diverted to across the street by Hunt flagmen during high level work. The façade erector will continue with installation of panels along the 6th Avenue elevation this reporting period, and turn the corner west on to the Dean Street elevation, installing the high panels. Installation of the erection clips will continue on the Dean Street elevation during this reporting period.
• The façade subcontractor will continue to work a second shift as needed throughout this reporting period. Work may be performed on the 6th Avenue, Flatbush Avenue and Dean Street elevations on second shift.
Waterproofing & Fireproofing
• The waterproofing of the interior walls of the east stormwater retention tank has been completed. The application of interior waterproofing at the west stormwater tank has been completed.
• The exterior tank roof waterproofing for the west tank will start this reporting period.
• The maintenance of temporary weather walls (visqueen & tarps) as well as temporary rubber roofing, to provide protection through the spring months, will continue this reporting period.
Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing
• Permanent power from ConEd is projected to be completed on the service side this reporting period.The transformers have been placed in the ConEd vault. The first of the transformers has power to the line, or service side, and permanent power should be available to all transformers on or about March 19th to the 26th.
Interior Build-out
The installation of applied finishes will continue during this reporting period at the Event Level restrooms and showers in the Nets Campus areas, kitchens and food service areas, as well as the Main Concourse restrooms and concessions, and the Lower/Upper Suite restrooms, concessions and suites.The delivery of the primary kitchen and concessions equipment will continue during this reporting period.
New Subway Entrance--Concrete
• The sub-passageway floors have now been placed.
New Subway Entrance--Transit Canopy
• The steel and concrete roof for the canopy is now complete along with the spray fireproofing. The contour slab has been completed. Roofing work will commence during the month of April.
Tile work is underway. The steel stair nosings and stair tile work at the main entrance stair will follow the completion of the MEP work, painting and canopy ceiling installation. MEP work will progress over the next 2 months and will be followed by the canopy ceiling. Ductwork installation has commenced and electrical work will follow.
• The two new escalator trusses from the fare array area to the new plaza have been set and final assembly continues. Electrical and fire protection work at the escalator trusses is now complete. The new elevator enclosure has also been erected and elevator installation continues. Work activities have been resequenced to accommodate canopy work items. Elevator cab installation has commenced. Stainless steel work for the escalator is in progress.
Rail yard/Drainage System
• Posillico/Tully is working from west to east to install deep drainage piping in the yard. They will also continue excavation for the associated stormwater manholes. This work will be ongoing for the next month. Through this period, Retention Basins “A”, “B” and “D” have been completed and back-filled. Work has moved to the final basin, Basin “C”.
Electrical Ducts and Manholes
• Conduit formwork continues to be placed throughout the yard for underground electrical duct banks (for both train traction power and signal). Precast manholes continue to be placed at multiple locations. This work will continue through the next month.
Track Work
• Installation of rail road track has begun in the west end of BL1120, to include welding of running rails. Track work will continue, working typically from west to east, until the yard is completed.
• Stone ballast has been, and will continue to be intermittently delivered during the night shift.
[Previously: the track work was to continue "through the next 3 month period." Now it's ambiguous.]

Carlton Avenue Bridge
• Construction of Pier #2 is nearly completed. Forming and pouring of the pedestals at the top of the stem wall will take place in this reporting period. The footing for the North Abutment will be poured during this reporting period. Currently, forms and reinforcing are being placed.
East End (former Gasoline Station)
• Construction of a tall retaining wall along the Vanderbilt Ave. end of the yard is set to begin once permits have been secured. Work will require that e west southbound traffic lane and adjoining sidewalk be taken out of service when concrete trucks are present from which will be pumped concrete into the wall below. Work has begun within the yard on pouring the concrete footing for this wall.
Replacement of Adjacent Water Mains and other Utility Work
• On behalf of the DEP, FCRC is managing the installation of a new water trunk main and associated distribution mains on Flatbush and Atlantic Avenues. The work is divided into three stages.
o Stage One is the work on the west side of Flatbush, north of the Atlantic intersection, continuing across Flatbush to the edge of the transit improvements on the arena block...
o Stage Two is the work along the south side of Atlantic Ave. from a location just west of the former 5th Avenue bed, running eastward to a location west of the 6th Avenue intersection.
o Stage Three is the area between Stages One and Two, across Flatbush Avenue and the top of the future new transit station improvements.
...• Stage Three, which is over a portion of the transit area, was completed in March.• Catch basins at the corner of Pacific and 6th Avenue will be modified during April. Work will begin during the next two week period pending receipt of DEP approval.
Block 1129 (Carlton, Dean, Vanderbilt, Pacific) – Construction Staging
Contractor work related to digging test pits for soil sample classification took place from March 12 through March 14th. There is no other work currently on-going or scheduled to prior the construction start date of May 1, 2012 for surface parking lot.
Traffic Mitigation Site Work Atlantic Avenue Medians
Work is expected to begin in late April 2012 on the remaining traffic mitigation work, most of which is made up of raised medians along Atlantic Avenue from Flatbush Avenue to Vanderbilt Avenue. OCMC is reviewing the scope and location of the medians and will determine whether the work shall be performed during limited daytime, which will prolong the construction period, or at night between 10 pm and 6 am. If the work is done at night, mobile light units will be used to illuminate the work area. The arena block, Carlton Avenue Bridge reconstruction and DDC utility work between Carlton and Vanderbilt Avenues also take lanes out of service. Therefore, the median work must be scheduled block by block to coordinate with the other work schedules and MPT configurations. Because the work is a few feet directly above the LIRR tunnel into Atlantic Terminal, the means and methods must be reviewed and approved by the LIRR.
Arena Site Work
The curb installation work and street light installation work will now commence on Flatbush Avenue during the hours of 10 PM to 6 AM. This work will continue for the month of April. Upon completion of this work, the sidewalks in front of the arena will then be installed. The work will continue in May.
Maintenance & Protection of Traffic (MPTs)
• The MPT on 6th Avenue, from Pacific Street to Dean Street and on Dean Street from 6th Avenue to Flatbush Avenue will be relocated from the property line to the curb line to facilitate the installation of the bollards during this reporting period.
NYC Transit Improvements:
Work related to the BMT structure and below grade concrete, steel and MEP work may be conducted on Saturdays, March 31st and April 7th during this reporting period.
Arena Site Work
Work along Flatbush Avenue as described above will occur during this reporting period during weeknight evening hours as described above under approved DOT stipulations.
AY Construction Alert 3-26-2012