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Construction workers create more free parking: "No Parking" signs on Carlton Avenue covered so vehicles can park; then signs are un-covered when workers leave

Remember a construction worker, most likely working at the Barclays Center/railyard site, created his own free parking in January by brazenly uprooting a "No Standing" sign on Pacific Street?

Now Atlantic Yards Watch contributor 700PacificW has captured another episode  of self-created free parking, this time just north of the railyard site on Carlton Avenue above Atlantic Avenue.

This time the chicanery is more subtle: rather than get rid of a no-parking sign, the worker has covered at temporary"No Parking" sign during the period of time he needed it for his car. Such signs have been added because of the construction nearby on Atlantic Avenue.

[A resident who spoke to a construction worker adds: According to the worker, the signs temporarily ban parking full-time, but are aimed mainly at parking at night when most construction occurs. So, while they're violating the law by covering the sign during the day, the workers don't think they're violating the spirit of the law. If the parking isn't there for a reason, shouldn't the workers protest through proper channels?]

The video is below, but I've pulled out screenshots--click to enlarge--that illustrate the sequence.

At about 00:47 of the video, shot yesterday afternoon at 4:48 pm,  the worker approaches his SUV and ultimately removes his reflector vest. At about 1:20, he approaches the covered sign, then removes the cover, so the spot is reserved for the next participant in the scheme.

At 01:34, the driver exits his vehicle, apparently having concluded that that the sign is tilted incorrectly. He straighten it, then returns to his vehicle, and drives off.

There's been no announced prosecution of the worker in the January episode, but such evidence, as well as the evidence in the new video, seems blatant. Presumably the police will be asked about it at the next Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting, to be held at Borough Hall on March 15 at 9:30 am.

More free parking

Photos on AY Watch show how free parking has been created on other stretches of Carlton Avenue: other temporary "No Parking" signs have been covered to create temporary parking for construction workers.

The AY Watch contributor estimates that some 12 to 20 spaces have been created in this way.

In the photo at left--click to enlarge--note how the top sign, which indicates street cleaning, is not covered, but the sign below it is covered.

The video