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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Post: 78th Precinct chosen to oversee arena; it's closest, though technically includes only part of site

At the 1/26/12 Atlantic Yards District Service Cabinet meeting, Council Member Letitia James asked which of police precinct in the area of the Barclays Center arena would be in charge, given that the arena site straddles two precinct boundaries and is near a third.

NYPD Captain John Breslin commented, "Currently there is extensive research on who's going to be policing the arena," he said, citing a review including crime and population density. "I'm sure as soon as the Police Commissioner signs off on it, you and all the other Council Members will be notified."

Post: it's the 78th

Whether or not James has been notified is unclear, but the New York Post reports today, in Arena a Net gain for cops:
The NYPD is set to tap Brooklyn’s 78th Precinct to maintain order at the Nets’ new home — the Barclays Center — when it opens in September, bypassing the 88th Precinct, whose boundaries actually include the arena, The Post has learned.
The plum designation is expected to increase staffing at the 78th Precinct, which predominantly covers affluent Park Slope, and create potential mega-overtime for the cops there to cope with arena traffic and patrons.
The move, confirmed by NYPD sources, ends a behind-the-scenes lobbying battle between both precincts for the arena gig.
The Post quotes NYPD and community leaders as endorsing the plan, given the proximity of the 78th station house, at Bergen Street and Sixth Avenue one block south of the arena.

There is a logic there, but, as the graphic (from Blight Study attached to the Atlantic Yards General Project Plan) indicates, the arena site--west of Sixth Avenue and between Dean Street and Atlantic Avenue. is not solely in the 88th Precinct, but rather shared with the 78th.