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Post: arena "still on schedule to open in September" (but that schedule's less than a month old)

In the New York Post's Brooklyn blog, New Nets arena shaping up, Rich Calder reports today:
Workers earlier this month buttoned up the top of the under-construction Barclays Center in Prospect Heights by completing its steel-roof deck, and they also recently began insulating the rooftop and waterproofing it with a light-gray covering.

...[Forest City executive Bob] Sanna during an interview with the Post yesterday said about 35 percent of the 188,425-square-foot roof is complete and that Barclays Center is still on schedule to open in September.

“We got lucky with the warm weather we've been having. You usually aren't able to get roofers on a roof in February,” said Sanna.
Yes, the warm weather does eliminate certain potential construction challenges. But "on schedule to open in September" is a bit incomplete, given that only this month was the substantial completion date pushed back from late August to early September.