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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

From the latest Construction Alert: a two-week (at least) closure of the Flatbush Avenue sidewalk west of Dean

The latest two-week Atlantic Yards Construction Alert, dated 1/30/12, was distributed yesterday by Empire State Development (after preparation by developer Forest City Ratner).

There's not much dramatic in the alert, just indications of expected progress in various aspects of the project. Most notable to neighbors, perhaps, is this:
An 80’ section of the northern Flatbush Ave. sidewalk west of Dean St. will remain closed during this reporting period while façade installation is underway. This closure is due to agreement between NYCDOB [Department of Buildings] and Hunt [Construction].
Late-shift work

As in the previous alert, there will be double-shift and weekend work at the Long Island Rail Road/Vanderbilt Yard/ Carlton Avenue Bridge:
  • All weekdays all locations in the yard: 6:00AM to 11:00PM
  • Saturdays as required: 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM
  • Sundays and Holidays as required: 8:00AM to 11:00PM
And there may be late shift and overnight shift work at the arena site:
Subject to receipt of permits, a second shift shall be continued throughout this reporting period, from 3 – 11 PM, Monday-Friday only. Also subject to receipt of permits, a third shift may be instituted during this reporting period, from 11 PM – 7 AM, Monday –Friday only.
The text below is excerpted from the latest document (bottom), with the bolded text indicating what's new compared to the previous alert.

Excavation for the “A and B” lines (which circle the basketball court and ice floor) and inner bowl footings that support the precast rakers for the lower bowl seating is expected to begin during this reporting period.
Steel Erection and Stadia Installation
The de-shoring of the roof trusses is expected to commence on or about the second-third week of February. The de-shoring plan has been submitted and reviewed by DOB.The steel erector is expected to begin on the main entry canopy steel erection in mid – March. Fabrication of this material has started.
Façade Installation
• The façade subcontractor will continue to work a second shift as needed throughout this reporting period. Work may be performed on the Flatbush Avenue and 6th Avenue elevations on this shift, as well as the 6th Avenue and Atlantic Avenue elevations.• The installation of façade panels at the street level and up to the Upper Concourse levels on Atlantic Avenue has been substantially completed. Contractor will return to install the façade panels at the uppermost elevation and in the area of the material hoist at a later date, possibly beginning this reporting period and taking place on second shift.
Interior Build-out
• Precast concrete stadia erection of the upper seating bowl was completed during the last reporting period at Blocks 10-12 (Dean Street elevation). Precast erection is expected to resume within the lower bowl seating area in mid-March. The placement of concrete column wraps will continue during this reporting period.
New Subway Entrance: demolition
• The existing tunnel lighting room located in the IRT sub passage has been demolished now that the new tunnel lighting room has been completed.
Work outside the subway Fence
• Permits have been secured for the portions of the street immediately adjacent to the “Tip” of the project area. The southern eastbound lane of Atlantic Avenue continues to be taken behind an expanded MPT in order to facilitate the removal of the planking/decking to be removed and the installation of temporary roadway restoration. A pathway for the new water main has been coordinated with the utility team and is now complete. A substantial amount of the roadway plank has now been removed. The watermain installation has now commenced. This expanded MPT, noted above, has been approved by DOT.
Transit Canopy for subway entrance

• The steel and concrete roof for the canopy is now complete along with the spray fireproofing. The contour slab will commence in the next month and will then be followed by the roofing. Tile work has started. The steel risers will follow the completion of the MEP work, painting and canopy ceiling installation. MEP work will progress over the next 2 months and will be followed by the canopy ceiling.

Elevator/Escalator for subway entrance
• The two new escalator trusses from the fare array area to the new plaza have been set and final assembly continues. Electrical and fire protection work at the escalator trusses is in progress. The new elevator enclosure has also been erected and elevator installation continues. Work activities have been resequenced to accommodate canopy work items.
Railyard work
East Lead Track Foundation • The forming and pouring of the foundations and retaining walls for the East Lead Track will continue the next few months. Work on the new Lead Track retaining wall will continue in approximately 200 foot sections until the foundation and walls are completed. All of this work is located within Block 1121 adjacent to the Car Shop.
Carlton Avenue Bridge
• Concrete has been placed at the Pier #2 footing. Formwork for the stem will continue this reporting period.
Replacement of Adjacent Water Mains and other Utility Work
Stage One began in early August. The first work included the installation of a distribution water main along the sidewalk of Flatbush, north of Atlantic. The work is being done at night (10 pm to 6 am) and requires partial closure of the sidewalk and the curb lane of traffic during the work hours. The work along the west side of Flatbush is complete except for final pavement restoration. The work across Flatbush began in early January and was completed this month except for final restoration. The bus stop at the west side of Flatbush, north of Pacific, has been removed by NYC DOT, per the approval of NYCTA.
...Stage Three, which is over a portion of the transit area, began in mid January and will continue for two to three months.
Traffic Mitigation Site Work
The first element of the 2011 work includes the installation of curb extensions at the Pacific/4th Avenue, Dean/Flatbush and Pacific/Flatbush intersections and the reversal of traffic from westbound to eastbound on Pacific between 4th and Flatbush Avenues. This work is complete.
Arena Site Work
The revised Flatbush Avenue MPT is allowing work to continue on the installation of the Flatbush Avenue façade and the installation of bollards along this same stretch. Part of the overall site work for the arena block, bollard installation, commenced at the intersection of Dean and Flatbush in the area of the southern vents and is continuing north along Flatbush, eventually continuing around the entire block. The bollard work is now substantially complete along Flatbush Avenue. Other work that will be done as part of the site work includes sidewalks, installation of pavers, street furniture, street trees, light and signal poles, way finding signage, hydrants and the canopy to the new subway entrance. Additional detail on the work will be provided as the contractor progresses.
Atlantic Yards Construction Alert 1-30-2012