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Big jump in workers at Atlantic Yards site reported by real estate consultant, but 645 still doesn't match 779 reported by Forest City

As of November, there were 645 workers at the Atlantic Yards arena site and Transit Connection, according latest Site Observation Report, based on a visit of 11/22/11 and documents made available on 12/20/11, from Merritt & Harris, the real estate consultant to the arena PILOT Bond Trustee.

FCR's numbers

In mid-November, Forest City Ratner told the New York Daily News and Patch that there were 779 workers on site as of November 11.

Why the discrepancy? There surely are dozens of additional workers at the railyard--not covered by Merritt & Harris. But 134? That seems questionable, given observations by site neighbors.

There's supposed to be an independent source of such numbers.

Forest City Ratner was supposed to hire an Independent Compliance Monitor, at up to $100,000 a year, to monitor compliance with the Community Benefits Agreement. It has never done so.

Previous Merritt and Harris report

The 12/2/11 report on arena construction, prepared by Merritt & Harris, and based on a 10/27/11 site observation, cited only 415 workers. The report may have been in error, as the total of 415 was the number in the report a month earlier.