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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Bloomberg, in State of the City address, says "we’ll open the new Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards" (who's "we"?)

From Mayor Mike Bloomberg's State of the City address today, according to prepared remarks:
In every borough in 2012, we’ll bring new jobs on line and make investments that will attract more visitors.

In Queens, Jet Blue will open its new headquarters in Long Island City and an expansion of the Queens Museum of Art will double its size. On Staten Island, we’ll create a new blue-collar-friendly industrial business zone, we’ll redesign the zoo’s aquarium, and we’ll help break ground on a major apartment and retail development at the Homeport, creating more than 1,100 construction jobs.

n Brooklyn, more good blue-collar jobs will come to the waterfront both in Sunset Park and at the Navy Yard. We’ll bring new jobs to Coney Island, with new rides and attractions. And we’ll open the new Barclays Center at Atlantic Yards – bringing big league sports back to the borough where they belong.

These new attractions will also help bring even more tourists to our city – and last year we hit a record 50 million, but we can do even better.
Let's just parse that for a moment. Barclays Center seems to be placed into the category of "attract more visitors" rather than "bring new jobs on line."

Let's see how often he keeps saying, as he did at the March 2010 groundbreaking, "“The world-class arena will bring the Nets to Brooklyn, and the entire project will bring with it more than 25,000 construction and permanent jobs, thousands of units of affordable housing, and tremendous economic activity."

And who's the "we" in "we'll open the new Barclays Center"? More Mikhail Prokhorov and Bruce Ratner than the public


  1. the royal we, of course, as opposed to the "royal I" a phrase coined buy Bruce Ratner in Battle for Brooklyn.


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