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Another columnist enraptured by the Jay-Z & Beyonce baby: "it’s a nice diversion to think about a child born with a silver spoon"

The notorious Stephen Witt, opening in his Our Time Press column on Blue Ivy Carter, writes:
Although I don’t shoot at the same baskets or pay the same taxes, I’m as bubbling over with joy as the average schmo over Jay-Z and Beyonce finally having a little bundle of joy.
Did the average schmo (beyond faux schmo Denis Hamill) really care? Or just the schmo who hugged Bruce Ratner?

Witt concludes:
And I’m not immune to feeling happy about the blessed event myself. After all, Jay-Z is a modern day rags-to-riches story.

It doesn’t matter that so many of our poor never make it. That they are thrown under the collective bus in the guise of not being the right color or not being able to go to the best schools or afford college entrance exam fees.

What matters is that someone from the underclass made it out and because of that so many of us live vicariously through them. When you’re struggling to keep your job or find one or to pay the rent, it’s a nice diversion to think about a child born with a silver spoon, whose parents once knew poverty up close.
Here's a "nice diversion": social mobility between generations is dramatically lower in the U.S. than in many other developed countries, as noted by the HuffPost and the Times.

But we have more impressive celebrities.