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Paterson calls special session, will include public authority reform

Governor David Paterson has called an extraordinary session of the Legislature to begin next Tuesday, November 10, addressing:
  • a deficit reduction plan
  • capping the growth of State government spending
  • providing property tax relief
  • eliminating a statutory inconsistency regarding parole
  • allowing same-sex civil marriage (the focus of the Times's coverage)
  • enhancing penalties for driving while impaired
  • reforming the pension system
  • establishing a municipal sustainable energy loan program
And, notably:
  • Reforming public authorities in New York State by increasing the transparency and accountability of authorities and their transactions and improving oversight of such authorities through the creation of an independent authorities budget office
Brodsky's response

Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, who's pushing for public authority reform, issued a statement:
We have been working for months to address concerns raised by the administration, while at the same time preserving the heart of the most fundamental reform of state government in decades. We have made enormous progress and should be able to iron out differences quickly and effectively. If this past Tuesday meant anything, it’s that people want real reform of government institutions so that their daily lives are improved. We are on the edge of delivering that kind of reform. I want to thank the Governor and his staff for their work so far, along with my friend and colleague Bill Perkins in the Senate and Speaker Silver, who has steadfastly insisted on real reform through the years the Assembly has led this struggle.
Atlantic Yards, however, does not seem to be on his radar screen.


    Since Public Authorities reform standardbearer Assemblyman Richard Brodsky would rather rail at the Yankees Stadium deal after the fact, than unwind an equally twisted boondoggle in the works, don't hold your breath for any reforms that could get in the way of Bruce Ratner's megaproject.


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