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NYTimes Sports section salutes Yormark, calls promotion a "modest success" (*) despite failure to come close to 15,000 attendance

New York Times sports reporter Ken Belson November 16:
Whether the Nets beat Indiana (4-3) is an open question. But the promotion has prompted some fans to act. The team has sold 700 $10 seats so far and expects as many as 15,000 fans to show up for Tuesday’s game, around the season average.
Belson, writing today (in an article destined for tomorrow's paper), curiously called the promotion a "modest success" despite the failure to come close to 15,000 and offers some sympathetic rhetoric ("Alas"):
The team sold 1,000 $10 tickets and gave away 500 seats to season-ticket holders, a modest success on 48 hours’ notice and on a Tuesday night against a lesser rival. Alas, the promotion did not get the Nets over the hump. The announced crowd of 11,332 was more than 3,000 under the season average and the Nets lost, 91-83.

Still, the promotion was vintage Yormark: creative, quick and value oriented. It was also a sign of how far he and the Nets are going to fill their arena and of the challenges they face.
*Update: after I first posted, that "modest success" line was edited away.

A success for Yormark

And the promotion was a big success for Yormark, who attracted some more ink.

The Times does quote one skeptic of Yormark's reversible-jersey gambit--only to counter it with some overall praise--but I think the newspaper's missing a lot.

Remember, Yormark's the guy who claimed never to have heard of huckster P.T. Barnum and who has continually shifted the goalposts on the team's plans to move to Brooklyn.