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Exiting magical world of Atlantic Yards, ACORN's Lewis, state Senator Golden diverge on health care policy

Once upon a time, in the magical world of Atlantic Yards, ACORN CEO Bertha Lewis and Republican State Senator Marty Golden found common cause, with Golden saluting “ACORN, the premier low-income housing organization.” (He had to overlook their divergent stances on housing policy in general.)

On health care, though, they look to be parting company.

Lewis, according to Politico:
If we invest heavily now, we will ensure more savings and the long-term fiscal health of the country. Health care is the perfect example. We all know costs are out of control for the government, consumers, and employers. Comprehensive health care reform should result in lower costs and more savings that is passed on to consumers and employers. Consumers will have more disposable income for other goods, moving consumer spending to healthier levels. Employers will also have more money to purchase inventory, expand, hire additional employees, etc. A policy initiative to tackle America’s long-standing health care challenge country pays off with a stronger economy.
Golden (R-Bay Ridge), according to the Courier-Life:
State Senator Marty Golden was far less diplomatic, dismissing health care reform as one huge tax hike” and a partisan effort to “get a win” for President Barack Obama.

“Fifteen percent of the nation needs health care,” Golden said. “Eighty-five-percent have great health care – we’re going to turn the system upside down for 15 percent of the nation?