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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Yormark claims (incorrectly) that Bloomberg saluted AY affordable housing

Yesterday, commenting on the most recent court ruling regarding the Atlantic Yards case, New Jersey Nets CEO Brett Yormark said, in a Fox Business Network (FBN) interview (at 3:45 of video):
"I'd love to echo the mayor's sentiments when he said we've got to get this project started, the affordable housing, the jobs, it's much-needed."

Well, Atlantic Yards backers may have memorized the affordable housing mantra, but that doesn't mean everyone else has done so. Why does Yormark have to make things up?

Here's the statement Mayor Mike Bloomberg issued:
“The Atlantic Yards project will create thousands of jobs and generate badly-needed tax revenue. The court’s unanimous affirmation today that the review and approvals processes were comprehensive and properly completed is a big step towards the start of construction.”

DDDB noted that affordable housing is on the back-burner.

Lack of skepticism

Unskeptical FBN host Alexis Glick enthused over the "Snowbird Ticket Exchange" in which New Jersey Nets (basketball) ticketholders and Florida Panthers (hockey) ticketholders can attend games in two leagues. She didn't ask her guests, twin CEOs Brett and Michael Yormark, how many tickets have actually been used. (ESPN's Bill Simmons is more skeptical.)

And she accepted the Forest City Ratner hype that Thursday's decision constituted the 22nd victory in court. The developer must be asked to back that number up.