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Times: "Nets Try Different Ways to *Sell* Tickets"

A New York Times article today is headlined Nets Try Different Ways to Sell Tickets in Tough Economy. Well, given that some tickets are distributed free or at a deep, deep discount, the headline might have used the word 'Distribute' rather than 'Sell.'

We do learn that the tickets available free on Ticketmaster were actually purchased by the shopping site Saveology. The Times doesn't ask uber-marketer Brett Yormark for how much the team "sold" those tickets.

While the Times includes a dollop of skepticism, acknowledging the obvious, that "on some nights, the Izod Center’s attendance appears to fall far short of the average," Yormark gets five paragraphs in a brief story to tout the ticket exchange program with his brother Michael's equally-struggling-to-fill-seats Florida Panthers hockey team.

Unmentioned: how many people have actually taken advantage of the program.

A little more skepticism might have been in order. NLG pointed out that "the chances of anyone actually taking advantage of this silly promotion are slim." Bleacher Report commented: "Sounds great! Buy tickets to one team, get tickets to the other! Except the teams play different sports, and are kinda far apart."

Even a fan supportive of the Brooklyn move questioned Yormark's claim that attendance was down only 3%, writing on the NetsDaily comment board, "just 3%? strictly going by how many people i see at home games it seems like there are a lot more people staying home this season than last."