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At trade deadline, Nets keep Carter--but what about this summer?

So, the Nets didn't move Vince Carter, and Dave D'Alessandro, in the Star-Ledger, doesn't doubt President Rod Thorn's claim there was no interference from principal owner Bruce Ratner.

D'Alessandro writes:
The salary dump? It was discussed. But only for as long as it took the Nets to realize they couldn't get away with it. They had to get something - anything - that would keep them competitive, or at least sell the fans on the delusion.

In the Daily News today, Julian Garcia wrote:
What does this mean for the Nets this season? Well, they obviously still have a chance to make the playoffs with the Carter-Devin Harris combo still intact. They are two games out now and have a lot of work to do to get to the postseason...

But don't think the Nets won't be trying to trade Carter over the summer so they can rid themselves of the remaining two years and $33 million he is owed.

Remember, parent company, Forest City Enterprises, in December suspended its dividend to save $30 million a year, while the losses on the Nets it absorbs represent about $22.4 million a year.

So getting rid of Carter's salary sure could help, as long as the team found a way to stay competitive. Not so easy, as Al Iannazzone wrote yesterday in the Nets Insider blog:
So what's next? It's up to the Nets' owners.

Do they want a competitive team? (That was hard to type with a straight face since the Nets have lost the last four games by a total of 73 points.) Or do they deal Carter for salary relief and play in front of a mostly empty Izod Center? (It was hard to type the last part with a straight face since with Carter the building isn't exactly full)