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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ (pinned post)

Guess what's missing from Bloomberg's campaign web site?

What's missing from Mayor Mike Bloomberg's extensive campaign web site?

Any mention of two new baseball stadiums and a long-stalled basketball arena, much less the city's allocation of $100 million and then another $105 million for the Atlantic Yards arena. Or that those expenditures might make the arena a money loser for the city.

Or quotes like:

1/04: Fundamentally, the answer to your question is: this will be done with private money, and any city monies of any meaningful size will be debt issues financed by the extra tax revenues that come from this. So, we’re not going to have to divert money from education, or police or fire or any other part of the city to do this. No. It is private money in that sense.

12/08: Letting any group have a special deal is not what democracy is about.

Then again, if potential rivals like Rep. Anthony Weiner are going to promote moving a hockey team into the Atlantic Yards arena, which is not even under construction, don't expect Bloomberg's vulnerability on sports facility deals to become an issue.

After all, 2005 candidate Freddy Ferrer stumbled in trying to make the arena an issue, and the press made it worse.

Then again, a Marist Poll says New York City voters are overwhelmingly against letting Citigroup, now a recipient of federal bailout funds, spend money on naming rights to the new Mets stadium. There's a lot of anger out there.