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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Today's Andrew Zimbalist quiz

So, about what situation did the oft-quoted sports economist Andrew Zimbalist declare, "The notion that the stated pretext has anything to do with the reality is absurd"?

A. The estimate that the Atlantic Yards arena would host 225 events a year, assuming that the arena in the Meadowlands would close and no arena would be built in Newark.

B. The claim that, absent tax-exempt bonds, the Yankees, aka "Bronx Bombers," would have been forced to leave the city and state of New York.

C. The idea that simply building market-rate housing for a project like Atlantic Yards boosts local tax revenues.

D. That tax-exemptions claimed by sponsors of college bowl games to entice public funds would boost "climatic, recreational, commercial, agricultural, social, educational and economic interests."

E. The notion that "Forest City Ratner was simply taking advantage" of existing tax exemptions rather than additional government subsidies and special benefits in the Atlantic Yards plan.

Answer: D

Bonus: Zimbalist himself is responsible for A, C, and E.