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The Times on "pay-to-play," but not the FCR/Silver version

On Wednesday, the New York Times editorialized on the charges involving New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, who, beyond the alleged scandal, has received a lot of money from developer Forest City Enterprises.

Headlined The Price of Pay-to-Play, it began:
We’re sure that he isn’t enjoying it, but Gov. Bill Richardson of New Mexico is offering statehouses across the nation a needed lesson in “pay-to-play” contamination. Mr. Richardson backed away from the chance to run the Commerce Department as federal prosecutors investigate whether his aides steered a lucrative state contract to a generous political donor.

...Pay-to-play is a staple of bad government. Proving an actual quid pro quo that can be prosecuted can be difficult, especially under porous state laws. But appearances — the fawning recipient, the deep-pocketed donor — taint all politicians. And pleas of “I didn’t know,” or “everyone else does it” aren’t fit for middle-schoolers let alone elected leaders.

The AY example

So, how about editorializing about the appearance of Forest City Ratner giving $58,420 to a committee controlled by Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, far more than could be given to any individual candidate?

And how about editorializing--well, a news story first would help--about Forest City Ratner's bailout of ACORN, its partner on the Atlantic Yards project?