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In Marty's Brooklyn!!, only a tangential mention of Atlantic Yards

I haven't yet received the Winter 2008 issue of Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz's promotional publication Brooklyn!! in the mail, but the issue, now posted online, is worth a look.

As usual, the publication covers a range of Brooklyn people and happenings, emphasizing the "Shop Brooklyn" campaigned coordinated by Markowitz's office and other organizations, and including two pages of the smART Brooklyn Gallery Hop held December 14.

There's an op-ed on HIV/AIDS by Special Assistant to the Borough President Yvonne Graham, who was the Deputy Borough President before she changed status last February (and took a pay cut) to mount a campaign for Borough President in 2009--one she abandoned after the City Council overturned term limits allowing Markowitz to run again. According the BP's web site, Graham is currently Deputy Borough President, which means her status has changed (or the web site was never tweaked.)

One tangential AY mention

And, as in past issues, there's little mention of Brooklyn's biggest and most controversial project, Atlantic Yards, for which Markowitz is chief cheerleader. (The publication was undoubtedly produced before Forest City Ratner suspended work at the Vanderbilt Yard in December.)

On one of the two pages headlined "Marty's on the block," one photo caption describes a school playground renovated thanks to a donation from the Forest City Ratner, the New Jersey Nets, and Barclays Capital.


  1. Mayor Mike, the Gang of 29, and Marty all should adopt the campaign slogan "Never Trust The Voters."

    They a a vile, corrupt group of swine and the good citizens of New York City will show them on election day that while they may not care a wit about the people's will, WE SURE DO.

    Ratner's fiasco is only a metaphor for what is so terribly wrong with our city. Sweetheart deals for developers and campaign cash machines. The greed and avarice of Wall Street not only not monitored but actually cheered on.

    We owe our current mess to these curs, time to find new leadership.


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