Monday, November 02, 2009

Markowitz campaign mailer touts "Marty's Brooklyn Story," omits Atlantic Yards

Remember, Brooklyn Borough President Marty Markowitz, thanks to the override of term limits, is running (virtually) unopposed for a third-term, given that there was no challenger in the Democratic primary.

Brooklynites this weekend got a mailer reminding us to vote for Markowitz, with the essential argument that the job of Borough President is to increase pride and happiness, rather than, say, to weigh in on things like land use.

As shown in two pages below (click on graphics to enlarge), the mailer consists of endless photos of Markowitz meeting Brooklynites and presiding over things Brooklyn, including Dine in Brooklyn, the new cruise ship terminal, the Coney Island circus, and even a soccer team.

Atlantic Yards is conspicuously absent, just as Markowitz's promotional Brooklyn!! publication (1, 2, 3)--essentially, a cousin of the campaign mailer--omits or downplays the borough's most controversial project, the project on which Markowitz has staked his reputation.

(Note that the lighter colored border at left in image above is actually from another page in the mailer.)

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