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What happened to the on-site construction coordinator, or "Community Liaison Office"?

After taking another look at the 2014 Second Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments, as mentioned in Friday's post, it's worth pointing out this clause:

13. [The developer] shall maintain an on-site construction coordinator to function as a liaison between FCRC and the community with respect to constructionrelated issues (the “CLO”). The CLO shall be available to consider specific concerns raised by the community with respect to the construction issues and seek to resolve such concerns. The CLO shall keep a record (log book) of construction-related complaints received by the CLO from the public and efforts taken to resolve such complaints. The CLO shall seek to resolve all complaints or provide relevant information to the person who brought the issue to the CLO’s attention within 24-hours or as soon thereafter as is practicable.

While there have been various on-site locations for such a Community Liaison Office, for a while that function has been virtual, triggered by the pandemic. As noted, for example, in the most recent Construction Update:

How to Reach Pacific Park Brooklyn Community Liaison Office (CLO)
The Community Liaison Office located at 550 Vanderbilt Avenue is temporarily closed. The CLO can be reached by phone at 866-923-5315 and by email at

As I've asked Empire State Development, when will that on-site CLO return? And is that log book of complaints and resolutions available?