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Eric Adams, once happy to cheerlead for the Nets & arena, while BP helped get his son a job with the former CEO of the Nets & arena

It helps to know the right people, doesn't it? From NYC Mayor Eric Adams’ Son on Rapping, Drill Music, More: ‘You Can’t Ban a Genre of Music’, a 7/28/22 interview in Complex, which covers a lot of interesting topics.

Jordan Coleman, in addition to rapping, told interviewer Andre Gee he works as "a creative coordinator for the film department at Roc Nation... reading over scripts...  brainstorming creative ideas."

How did he get the job?
There was something on Indeed talking about Roc Nation films and I applied for it. I was waiting to hear back for some time. And then obviously my dad being the mayor of New York City, he meets a lot of interesting people. He was saying that he had dinner with Brett Yormark of Roc Nation. He was the COO at the time, and I asked if I could join him along for dinner.

The funny thing with that story is: We get to dinner and I’ve got my laptop, my notepad, and my hat, ready to go, like, “Sir, it’s an honor...” And he’s just looking at me like, “Yo Jordan, put your laptop down, eat some dinner first. Let me get to know who you are as a person before...” So I just eased up my anxiousness, and I was able to show off what I’m really good at, which is networking, connecting with people, and communicating overall messages. Then I had to send in some writing samples to show that I was competent in being a writer for Roc Nation and being a creative. They saw what I could do and they were pleased.

There's no reason to doubt Coleman's fitness for the job, but in this case "really good at... networking" was access to a specific network.

As Borough President, of course, Adams happily went to bat for Yormark, who was then CEO of the Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center. And Yormark contributed $2,500 to Adams' BP campaign and $5,100 to his mayoral campaign.

Note: though Coleman said "my dad being the mayor of New York City, he meets a lot of interesting people," Adams made the connect as Borough President, since Coleman had been hired by Roc Nation as of this 10/4/21 article in Sports Business Journal.