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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + project FAQ/timeline (pinned post)

A mysterious noise in Prospect Heights. HVAC from a new building? Something arena-related?

For about three weeks, residents of Prospect Heights have heard the disturbing humming noise in the video below, audible at all hours.

"It seems to be a rooftop HVAC unit," observes Louis V. Galdieri, who sent me the videos, and noted that that the noise was more prominent closer to Dean Street and Sixth Avenue, which is two short blocks north--and about a half a longer block west--of where the first video was shot.


So far, his queries have come up empty, after contacting building management at 461 Dean St. (the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park modular building), 470 Dean St. (Heritage Dean Street), 662 Pacific St. (the new Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park tower), and the Pacific Park community liaison, which presumably would know about other buildings in the project.

"So far everybody says it’s not their building," he said. "I’ve also reported the problem to DEP," the Department of Environmental Protection.

The second video, below, was shot near Sixth Avenue and Dean Street, near the Barclays Center and arena block towers.

Galdieri said he hasn't been able to contact the arena, so it remains possible that the arena is a source. (I'll ask. Stay tuned.)