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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

On Dean Street, some DEP digging, but no real details

This is the eighth of eight posts regarding the 1/28/20 Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting. The first regarded delays in B12/B13, the platform, and Site 5. The second concerned progress at B4, B15, and the railyard. The third concerned parking on the southeast block. The fourth concerned impacts from Barclays Center operations. The fifth concerned the Community Liaison Office, and impacts from workers. The sixth concerned the next Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation meeting. The seventh concerned questions for the Department of Transportation. 
Is the city doing work that the project developer was once supposed to do? Recently on Dean Street between Sixth and Vanderbilt avenues, a truck with staffers spending several weeks testing the soil for new sewer (and possibly water) mains, resident Peter Krashes said at the meeting.

The work was being executed by the city Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and is not part of the project, according to Tobi Jaiyesimi of Empire State Development (ESD), the state authority overseeing/shepherding the project. (My query to DEP didn't get a response.)

However, said Krashes, at least according to project documents from 2006, such work was necessary for the project.

Indeed, as shown in the excerpt at right, a new 1,790-foot combined sewer line would be installed from Sixth to Vanderbilt avenue on Dean Street.

No one knows

Other such infrastructure, such as a sewer and water upgrade on Pacific Street between Sixth and Vanderbilt avenues, was done by the developer, said Scott Solish of Greenland USA, but not this.

(Indeed, such Pacific Street work is also noted in the excerpt at right.)

"But the project depends upon the work being done, according to the 2006 documents," Krashes said. "So isn't that mean that from the point of view of how the community interacts with it but also the taxpayer and the rest of it that we should be looking at this as part of the project?"

It was not done at the request of ESD or the developers, Jaiyesimi said. Then again, the 2006 document, again excerpted at right, references a Private Drainage Construction Plan, which seems to be the responsibility of the project developers. Of course, such documents, and agreements, may have been amended over the years.

A representative of TF Cornerstone, which is developing the B12 and B13 sites on Dean Street, said the towers are not dependent on this work.

Stay tuned

Will B12 and B13 feed into Dean Street or Pacific Street?

"It’s likely to be both," said TF Cornerstone's Amir Stein. (If so, wouldn't the towers rely on that new sewer line?)

"If we get more information about it, we’ll be sure to follow up," said Jaiyesimi. 

"I think the way to think about it a little more globally, because it's not just the construction of B12 and B13," said Krashes, who pointed impacts from arena attendees parking at 535 Carlton at Dean Street, an operating post office, and other parking impacts.