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A Woodland footnote: it looks like they (partly) stiffed their lobbyist

Yesterday I wrote in the Daily News about Eric Adams and, among other things, his dubious defense of the now-closed bar/restaurant/nightclub Woodland.

I recently checked the city's lobbying database and, as the letter reproduced below indicates, the relationship between Woodland and its lobbyist, Mercury Public Affairs, went sour. The letter is from Mercury:
The initial authorization filed for Prime Six Inc. [Woodland's parent company] was effective 7/1/2019 through the end of the registration period 12/31/20 with an expected compensation of $7500 per month. However, after client non-payment, Mercury and Prime Six have mutually agreed to terminate lobbying services effective 10/16/2019.
Mercury will accept a onetime payment in the sum of $20,000 for the period of 7/1-10/16/2019.
Given the span of three-and-a-half months, that suggests a not-insignificant discount off the contracted rate, which would be $26,250. (Note that the agreement I saw was for three months, but that apparently was amended/replaced.)

The "client non-payment" may explain why some of the activism surrounding Woodland's defense subsided.