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Next Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation meeting: who knows?

This is the sixth of eight posts regarding the 1/28/20 Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting. The first regarded delays in B12/B13, the platform, and Site 5. The second concerned progress at B4, B15, and the railyard. The third concerned parking on the southeast block. The fourth concerned impacts from Barclays Center operations. The fifth concerned the Community Liaison Office, and impacts from workers. The seventh concerned questions for the Department of Transportation. The eighth concerned DEP digging.

Two months after an announced-but-postponed meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation (AY CDC), there's still no date for the next meeting.

The putative monitoring and advisory body, which sometimes can ventilate useful information about the project, is supposed to meet quarterly but has not met that obligation.

As I wrote last month, the AY CDC was supposed to meet 12/4/19. That meeting was canceled and supposed to be rescheduled. At the Quality of Life meeting, Tobi Jaiyesimi, who works for both Empire State Development and the subsidiary AY CDC, said she had no information yet about a new date.

Past delays in scheduling have been attributed to the difficulty in getting a quorum. But AY CDC meetings also have been scheduled to accommodate a rubber-stamp advisory vote to ease the passage of a project change or contract extension by parent ESD.

According to ESD records (and my coverage, in the hyperlinks), there have been essentially four meetings in the past two calendar years: 1/17/18, 3/27/18, 3/15/19, and 7/22/19. The latter deserves an asterisk, because directors asked for more time to assess two project changes, so they returned for a vote on them 8/12/19. But that was essentially an extension of a meeting, not a new one.