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Updated: At the Barclays Center plaza, the subway system's worst privately owned elevator (and a need for more MTA oversight). Escalator problems too.

Updated: A day later, things were better. See bottom.

BARCLAYS CENTER HAS SUBWAY’S WORST PRIVATELY OWNED ELEVATOR, Jose Martinez wrote last night for The City, noting that not only was the elevator connecting the arena plaza to the subway mezzanine out of service, so too were the two escalators.

"That elevator, at Brooklyn’s busiest station, functioned just 74.2% of the time in 2019, MTA records show, falling far beneath the 96.5% reliability standard aimed for by New York City Transit," the article states.

The article springs from a report released by the advocacy group Transit Center.

It's disappointing that spokespeople for the arena operator, which is supposed to maintain the elevator and escalator and has regularly promised improvements, didn't comment for this story.

What next?

The question is: how can they be held accountable? Transit Center has an idea:
Ultimately, the failure of these property owners to provide reliable station access is a failure of the MTA to conduct proper oversight. TransitCenter and a coalition of disability rights groups and elected officials are calling for:
  • MTA/New York City Transit to improve oversight and strengthen the contractual remedies that apply to private developers to ensure owners pay for every day an elevator is out of service past its legal obligation. Reigning in bad actors is key to improving systemwide elevator performance and convincing the public that progress is being made on accessibility.
  • MTA/New York City Transit to use ‘off the shelf’ elevator equipment where possible to help the agency and private owners source and stock spare parts and hasten repairs. Sourcing custom parts can be expensive and time-consuming.

Note that the escalators don't work well either. Above is a photo of a non-working escalator. However, as shown in the video below, it was working later in the day of this post. The elevator was working too, I was told.