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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

At next Quality of Life meeting, what should the Department of Transportation be addressing?

This is the seventh of eight posts regarding the 1/28/20 Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting. The first regarded delays in B12/B13, the platform, and Site 5. The second concerned progress at B4, B15, and the railyard. The third concerned parking on the southeast block. The fourth concerned impacts from Barclays Center operations. The fifth concerned the Community Liaison Office, and impacts from workers. The sixth concerned the next Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation meeting. The eighth concerned DEP digging.

As I wrote, the expected representative of the Department of Transportation couldn't make it, so the discussion was pushed back until the next meeting, 3/3/20.

The North Prospect Heights Association circulated some questions it had, so they're worth looking at it in preparation for the next meeting.

One overview question: how does DOT determine its priorities--what neighborhood and government entities does it consult?

Also: who's involved in the discussions about whether the New York Police Department (or others) will use the 24 parking spaces at 535 Carlton that are designated for the cops (but haven't been used)?

How can pedestrian safety be improved on Bergen and Dean streets between Flatbush and Vanderbilt avenues, both congested streets that have seen bike, pedestrian, and bus accidents?

Double parking and on-sidewalk (aka "commando") parking by both police and fire department vehicles obstruct pedestrians. How can that be reduced, and who granted approval for it?

Given the new middle-school planned to open at the B15 site, with a school entrance on Sixth Avenue between Dean and Pacific streets, what are the plans for teacher parking and safety issues?

Though the U.S. Postal Service is a federal agency, can DOT constrain the operation of the U.S.P.S. facility on Dean Street between Carlton and Vanderbilt avenues, whose vehicles block the sidewalk and park in the travel lane, among other things?