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Parking near the arena on the sidewalk (cops, Barclays) continues unabated

Here's something that should be addressed at the next Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park Quality of Life meeting, on July 10: why do they still park on the sidewalks?

The Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park project is a tight fit, but there are supposed to be 24 spaces in the 535 Carlton garage for police assigned to the nearby 78th Precinct.

At the most recent public meeting where this was discussed, last month, it was clear that the police were not yet using those spaces.

Instead, they park not only around the neighborhood but also on the Sixth Avenue (right) and Pacific Street sidewalks near the site for B15, aka 664 Pacific Street, a planned 27-story tower with a school. In my walks around, most but not all of the cars have New York Police Department placards on the dashboard. (I've occasionally seen Fire Department placards on Dean Street, too.)

Placards allow drivers to park in no-parking zones. If they allow parking on a sidewalk, that's news to me. Even if that's somehow permitted, it's no long-term solution, since, once construction starts, those sidewalks will go away and, once the building/school is built, the sidewalks will be needed by residents and students. (And where will the teachers park?)

The Barclays encroachment

And then there's the pickup truck (right, and below) regularly parked outside the Barclays Center, on the sidewalk just between the loading dock and the pavement marked for the Dean Street entrance.

That's a public sidewalk. I've been told--but I haven't seen evidence myself--that the owner sometimes places a business card indicating employment at the arena.

That's not even a placard. And this is, of course, around the corner from the precinct.

Photos June 14

Sixth Avenue between Dean and Pacific streets

Pacific Street east of Sixth Avenue

Photos June 21

Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth avenues

Dean Street between Flatbush and Sixth avenues

Pacific Street east of Sixth Avenue