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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Today's Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation meeting: the agenda and the big picture

The not-so-detailed agenda for today's meeting of the Atlantic Yards Community Development Corporation is at right, noting updates on community relations and the project's construction.

The board materials are at bottom, adding only minutes from the previous meeting.

Presumably the board of directors will hear a summary of last week's "Quality of Life Community Update" meeting, in which a representative of Greenland Forest City Partners said, in response to community complaints about idling trucks and other violations, that "compliance is nearly 99%."

As I wrote, that may be so, but let's see the data, and some governmental response.

Given the tight fit of the project in a residential neighborhood, even a relatively small level of non-compliance can pose burdens. Consider the video below from yesterday, just one of many documented incidents.

Former state overseer's comments on the larger picture

We'll see if the board hears any discussion or mention of the comments, as I reported yesterday, from former Empire State Development Atlantic Yards Project Director Arana Hankin about the not-so-affordable project apartments and the overall lack of accountability.

Hankin told academic colleagues that managing Atlantic Yards was “a balancing act, making sure the project can progress, and also responding to community needs. And these interests typically were not complementary.” It's hard to see that the basic dynamic has changed.