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"I'm just a kid from Brooklyn": the fake promotion on the Resorts World Casino NYC Plaza

"What in this picture isn't marketing?" is the question posted on Instagram and, indeed, let's count the ways.

First there's the double-whammy of the advertisement in the Barclays Center's oculus, which is for Resorts World NYC Casino, which just happens to be the sponsor of the not-quite-public arena plaza.

Then, in the foreground, it's Captain America, complete with the stirring words "Hometown Pride" and "I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." As Entertainment Weekly explained in July:
This year marks Captain America’s 75-year milestone, and to celebrate, Marvel has commissioned a 13-foot-tall statue in his honor... Marvel will unveil the statue at San Diego Comic-Con....
After Comic-Con, bronze Steve will travel east across the country (with Marvel documenting his journey on social media) before settling in his hometown of Brooklyn on Aug. 10. There, the statue will be dedicated and temporary installed in Prospect Park, kicking off with a special screening of Captain America: Civil War in the park. In September, the statue will move to the borough’s Barclays Center before heading to Sunset Park [location unclear] in October.
The original comic actually had Steve Rogers coming from the Lower East Side. The movie version makes him a Brooklynite. Hence the ginned-up quote.

“Captain America was always more than just a kid from Brooklyn,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams in a statement in July. Indeed, he was.