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Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park graphic: what's built/what's coming + FAQ (pinned post)

Noisy 24/7 public drainage work on one block of Pacific Street could begin Wednesday, last for a month

A Community Notice issued yesterday by Pacific Park Brooklyn indicates that long-planned "Public Drainage (PD4) Work" on Pacific Street south of the Vanderbilt Yard could begin tomorrow, Wednesday, September 21. It should be noisy and could continue for a month.

No closing date for the work was explicitly stated, but the loss of parking on Pacific Street between Sixth and Carlton avenues should extend until October 20, which suggests the work will go for a month.

From the message:
As part of the Pacific Park Brooklyn development sewer infrastructure upgrade work (relining the sewer) will take place in the sewer main and at manholes located on Pacific Street between Vanderbilt & 6th Avenue.
This work will require the use of multiple types of vehicles, some of which will create noise and steam plumes. In addition to cleaning and vacuuming the sewer main from multiple manhole locations on Pacific Street, the relining operation is required to run continuously for 24 hours to complete and expect the process to take place during and after normal construction working hours. The other upgrade operations will involve work at each of the manholes for cover replacements and re-coating of the manhole interior.

The Carlton Avenue north-south pedestrian crossing at Pacific Street will be temporarily relocated west 200 feet, around the work zone, towards mid-block.