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Video: dust from 535 Carlton dumpster drifts into neighborhood

So, what's the source of dust coming from the Atlantic Yards/Pacific Park construction site?

According to the video shot today by resident Wayne Bailey, dust is coming from dumpsters at the 535 Carlton construction site, which extends out into the street, between Dean and Pacific streets. That means the dust not only streams out to passers-by, it starts pretty close to the houses across Carlton.

(Yes, there's a guy working on the site without a hardhat, telling his colleagues to "look out" for the annoying guy filming them.)

The promise of a Dust Management Plan

According to the Second Amended Memorandum of Environmental Commitments, required by Empire State Development of developer Forest City Ratner (and its new joint venture partner):
Prior to the commencement of construction activities for each major work phase, FCRC or its contractor(s) shall prepare a Dust Management Plan that identifies: the location of the fixtures to be used in controlling dust at the site (including without limitation hydrants or other points of water supply), any wheel washing stations, gravel placement locations, hoses, dust suppression agents and any other equipment and material to be used in complying with the dust suppression requirements of the MEC. FCRC shall require its contractors to adhere to such plans. ESD and the ESD Environmental Monitoring Firm shall be provided with the opportunity to comment on the Dust Management Plan and require revisions if warranted, prior to its implementation in the field.
There's no mention of dumpsters, actually, but surely the implication is that this dust too is supposed to be controlled, just as dust from trucks is suppressed by wheel washing and mounds of dirt are supposed to be covered with a tarp.

Remember, the modular plan was supposed to involve less waste, and thus less dust.