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A lingering quote: the Barclays Center as "elephant in the room" when it comes to community planning

Yes, this is a year old, but I didn't catch it, and it's worth remembering.

 Developers Envision Hotel, Housing and Retail at Crown Heights Armory, DNAinfo's Rachel Holliday Smith reported 10/20/14 on proposals for the Bedford Union Armory in Crown Heights.

At a New York City Economic Development Coporation meeting " to present some of the developers' proposals and get feedback from residents," NYC EDC Vice President Lydia Downing offered a telling quote:
Throughout the meeting, EDC officials said repeatedly that they would take the community's input into consideration and contrasted the process with what Downing called "the elephant in the room," the Barclays Center.
“One thing I want to be very clear about is that this is going through a different process. The Barclays Center project went through a state process that did not require as much community input,” she said.
Still true.